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Trying Out For Club Soccer
07/06/2015 :: Opinion
One of the biggest questions we get each year about club soccer is how it differs from recreational soccer.  I haven't ever been a fan of comparing the two because it always sounds like you are disparaging recreational soccer when you go that route. Instead, I like to simply focus on what I would expect from a club soccer player.  Parents and players can draw their own conclusions from there and it is not always the conclusion one might think. Here's what I look for in a Club Soccer Player: Be coachable!  You don't have to know everything and most certainly don't pretend you do.  Some players feel that they have to throw up an attitude if they are being coached or corrected.  Some players mentally break down and feel as if the world is coming to an end.  The best players take the information given and run with it.... Read More
Adult Controlled Behaviors
02/10/2015 :: Coaching Education
"There are significant problems in American youth soccer." We have heard this statement time and time again said by some of the great soccer minds in the world along with the average observer.  It's not hard to notice this when you attend the youth soccer matches in America.  Some foreign pundits have tried to convince U.S. Soccer its because we don't train the way they do or because we don't have the same development academies found in the top clubs in other parts of the world.   That may be some areas we can improve upon but it is not the root cause of any problem in American youth soccer.  Our problems can be traced squarely back to the coaching and parenting culture here in America.  I place the blame on the priorities of winning over development.  The prime example of this is U7 Academy Soccer.  For those of you... Read More
Soccer iQ: Things That Smart Players Do
10/13/2014 :: Coaching Education
Soccer iQ: Things That Smart Players Do by Dan Blank is dubbed the first book for players. After reading it, I would recommend that every coach and Directors of Coaching read it as well. Coaches should buy this book for their players!Broken down in to many small chapters, Coach Dan Blank speaks to the players politely but in a challenging way to get them to think about what they are doing and what they are not doing on the field when they play. He has found the most common mistakes of players and pointed them out in this easy-to-read book. The only thing disappointing about this book is that I didn't think of writing it! I can read each chapter and see where Coach Blank and I are very much on the same page, but somehow he is able to articulate it better and quicker through this book than... Read More
"In it for the kids..."
10/07/2014 :: Opinion
Let's get one thing straight right from the start.  If you use that tired old line, "I'm in it for the kids..." then you are probably hiding something and have an ulterior motive.  I hate hearing this line.  It's meaningless and serves no real purpose other than to let everyone know that you are probably a selfish individual and need to be watched closely.   That seems harsh, right?  I can only speak from experience but I will say categorically that every person who has used that line to me was a jerk and had some sort of scheme in mind that really just benefited only them.  The first question I have to ask them is, "Whose kids are you in it for?"  Most certainly not mine.  I doubt they are even in it for their own kids.  They seem to be in it just for themselves.  Using the kids... Read More
USSF National B License Course
03/02/2014 :: Coaching Education
After attending the USSF National B License Course in Casa Grande, Arizona, I wanted share some insight and thoughts about the course itself and my experience there. PRE-COURSELittle did I know at the time, the pre-course assignment is a major part of the course. I took it very seriously however, I still feel like I didn't understand the importance of it while doing it. I would soon find out, the course has much to do with this assignment. It is a Match Technical Summary of a U.S. Soccer Match. This one happened to be the USMNT U17 vs Turkey in the final of the Aegean Cup on January 25, 2014. The Match Technical Summary is quite detailed and requires the candidate to watch the match several times. I cannot even begin to count how many times I had to watch the match. Much of the course work and assignments at... Read More
Types of Athlete Recovery
06/30/2013 :: Coaching Education
Athlete recovery is one of the most important aspects of any sport or athletic program. However, many of our athletes train at high levels for extended periods of time without giving their body time to recover. Athletes that are training without proper recovery can lead to overuse injuries, burnout, and performance degradation. An athlete that does not utilize any recovery techniques during training will find it very difficult to maintain a high level of performance on a daily or weekly basis. Athletes are typically looking for a leading edge and do not think about recovery as a method to help them achieve that goal. Applying the right recovery method as a means of physical therapy at the right moment is a significant problem for athletes and coaches. Adequate balance between the practice sessions, games, and recovery times are main factors in achieving high level sport performances. If the amount of... Read More
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